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Useful Information for Outgoing Exchange

HKU Business School Student Exchange Programme 2021-22
Leave of Absence and Credit Transfer (Exchange Programme)

Leave of absence & credit transfer:
1st semester - 31 July
2nd semester - 31 December
Note: If you have not yet finalised your course selection/credit transfer plan, please submit your application for leave of absence first. 


Amendment - Add/Drop courses:
1st semester - 31 October
2nd semester - 31 March
Note: Application for first semester exchange and second semester exchange will open in late June and late November respectively. Details will be announced after the Pre-departure Briefing Sessions.

Summer Exchange and Visiting Programme

Apart from exchange programmes, students can participate in fee-paying summer exchange and visiting programmes offered by overseas institutions. Students are required to handle application procedures and pay the tuition fee to the host institutions.


To transfer credits obtained from summer exchange and visiting programme, students are required to submit a copy of the admission letter issued by the overseas university, respective credit transfer application form and the detailed course outlines to the School Office via at least 1 month prior to your departure for summer exchange/ visiting programme. 


Scholarship for Semester Exchange

Eligible participants of exchange programmes will be automatically considered for the Scholarship for Semester Exchange. Please visit International Affairs Office's website for more information. 

Credit Transfer Database [For Reference ONLY]

This database holds the course equivalence information of the successful credit transfer applications in the past. It is however for REFERENCE only, and does NOT warrant an approval of credit transfer.


You are welcome to transfer courses not covered under this database. As long as the courses are credit bearing, and are found to be compatible to the HKU courses (in terms of course contents, assessments, rubics, learning hours, etc.), you may consider putting in a credit transfer application.